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We are a firm believer in the concept of Team Cleaning.

Traditionally, a person works within a specific area or zone and performs every function of cleaning. The results: a higher margin of error, equipment is needed for every zone. and training is more complicated. Team Cleaning® is a system designed to address these problems. Four types of specialists concentrate on defined tasks such as light duty and trash, vacuuming, restrooms, and utility work. The advantages over zone cleaning are monumental.

  • Higher quality of cleaning performed in less time
  • Easier job training, supervision, and absentee replacement
  • More cooperative attitude among workers
  • Much less equipment is needed
  • Better bottom line for companies properly trained in team cleaning

Human Resources

We carefully recruit our staff, screening them for criminal background, security clearance, previous experience and character. All our staff go through a probationary period and an annual performance appraisal. Our working conditions attract a wide variety of applicants, many of whom are qualified, experienced cleaners and can make an immediate impact on our team.

Training & Education

At CleanerTouch our staff are our most valuable resource. All our staff are trained in the following topics in accordance with ISSA’s CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) requirements: