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CleanerTouch is the clear leader when it comes to full-service Vaughan janitorial firms. A B2B solution, we've provided innovative answers to difficult janitorial jobs, working with demanding schedules, rigorous specifications, and situations where our performance has a direct effect on property safety and health. We've come through every job with flying colors and continue to prove our outstanding janitorial ability.


About Us From local property owners to businessmen and Vaughan institutions, we've had a hand in many local operations. Our janitorial services are often custom-designed to meet the exact needs of a particular client, which means that we're able to address jobs of all sizes and shapes.

As a local company, CleanerTouch counts industrial settings, offices, retail stores, private homes, and many other locations among our list of clients. We're happy to serve Vaughan with the best possible janitorial services.


The obvious key to the success of CleanerTouch has been our ability to be flexible and adapt to what a client needs. At the same time, there are other ways that we differentiate ourselves in the Vaughan janitorial market.

  • Local Knowledge: Rooted in Vaughan, we have established partnerships that contribute to the growth of the local community.
  • Top Level Ability: While times have changed, what's stayed the same and what will remain is the quality of our janitors. Investing in excellence is what we do.
  • Absolute Professionalism: Because we value your business, we'll always give your janitorial job the attention it deserves.
  • Pricing Transparency: In comparing our prices with other Vaughan janitorial companies, you'll find that we offer significant value in our services without being more expensive.

CleanerTouch wants to be your choice for local janitorial work and earning your trust is the first step. Contact us at 905-760-0051 for a no-obligation visit to discuss your project details.